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The little things

Beyond the usual advice which I offer people who ask me how to go about choosing a wedding photographer (stuff like – make a shortlist of your favourites, go meet them in person, look at plenty of their work, compare and contrast websites, what do your instincts tell you, are they a people person), I […]

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Ach, I could sit here and self criticise the hell out of this shot of the bride & groom standing in their reception room at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh. It’s a lovely shot but far from perfect. And I certainly know what to do better the next time. But you know what? From a client […]

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The ultimate confirmation that you’ve booked the perfect bride & groom is when, years later, you look back on their wedding pictures and you can’t stop smiling! Because fantastic memories come flooding back and you feel overwhelmed with gratitude that you had the opportunity to contribute something significant for them and their families. The contribution […]

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Feel it first

I’m far less interested in a technically perfect shot than I am in an image which captures how the moment felt. One of the things that bores me to tears when I’m talking with other photographers is when the conversation veers off into Nikon, Canon, focal lengths, shutter speeds and ISOs etc etc etc. Which […]

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Capture the real

Couples say to me all the time that they don’t want posed shots, they want their wedding pictures to be spontaneous and fun and natural with real smiles and genuine emotion. And very early on, I realised that what they actually mean is that they want the photography process itself to be spontaneous, natural and […]

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My thought process

This particular bride & groom portrait was taken on George Street, outside The Dome. I love it! It was just after the ceremony and my thought process went something like this…ok first off, how much time do I have to work with? 30 minutes with the bride & groom before dinner. So basically 5 minutes […]

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In between takes

What do I do in between takes? Sit and have a breather? Swig some lucozade? Nope, I keep on clicking. That’s when you catch the real moments of the wedding. The behind the scenes shots that brings a smile to every face. Don’t get me wrong, posed shots are a must-have at every single wedding. […]

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Experience is key

I was asked in an interview recently what is the secret to capturing perfect moments? The answer is simple. It’s all down to hard earned experience in the real world. It’s all down to making thousands and thousands of mistakes as you ply your craft. And then learning from them. There is absolutely no easy […]

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Dalhousie Castle

Ah, another must-have shot. And for good reason. The bride & groom in front of the venue. But what if it’s night time and all dark outside? Then even better. The best time to do this kind of shot, as evening approaches, is when there’s still a hint of blue in the sky. You probably […]

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