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I used to get this at the start of my career in 2000/2001 where folk would hire you on the condition that you shoot like someone else or in a photography style that was not natural to you. Couples would show me tear sheets from wedding magazine of jazzy pictures they liked the look of but were a million miles from how I would shoot a wedding. And naively I used to say ‘yes’ just to get the booking. That never turned out very well! So I learned very quickly, the hard way, that the only way to be is true to yourself at all times – whether on your website in the words that you write, what you say on the phone, what you write by email, what you show in your portfolio and how you conduct yourself on the wedding day itself. ‘Do you’ to the best of your ability, at all times. There’s no point and nothing to be gained by trying to be someone you’re not. I’m a firm believer that no artist can authentically copy another’s style. They’ll only end up falling flat on their face. My assertion ever since, to any client who has made such a request, is to go hire the other photographer. Seriously. And with all the goodwill and best wishes in the world. But you see, the mirror argument also holds true; no other photographer can photograph a wedding quite like I do. And I rather like that state of affairs.

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