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I don’t care much for awards or accolades or being part of ‘the crowd’. For the most part, I keep myself to myself and as far away from self congratulatory and gossip forums masquerading as professional associations as possible. You see, putting your work out there confidently for the world to see is one thing, pandering to a clique for their approval is another. My thinking is that if you love my work, thank you! Sincerely. Whoever you are. If you don’t like my work, that’s absolutely fine too. No hard feelings. But it won’t stop me doing what I do, the way that I do, and showing it off. You see, I have zero interest in ‘fitting in’ or conforming to anyone else’s standards other than my own. What matters is what I think of my work and how highly I value it. Life’s too short to be anything less than upfront and honest. My sole aim is not to have my ego stroked. My sole aim is to thoroughly delight my clients by being true to myself.

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