Experience is key

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I was asked in an interview recently what is the secret to capturing perfect moments? The answer is simple. It’s all down to hard earned experience in the real world. It’s all down to making thousands and thousands of mistakes as you ply your craft. And then learning from them. There is absolutely no easy route to getting good at photography. Or whatever it is you choose to do with your life for that matter. There’s no instant ‘power up’ pill that you can pay money for. And that’s hard for many newbies to swallow, particularly those who have grown up with immediacy of social media. But hand on heart and you can try it if you don’t believe me… google all the Youtube videos you like, sign up for all the online courses and subscribe to all the photography blogs, spend thousands of pounds on the best equipment – all of that combined won’t even get you half way to becoming good at anticipating the perfect moment, directing your client with confidence, knowing your settings intuitively and ‘feeling’ the light. There is no substitute, there is no short cut. Experience is key.

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