Feel it first

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I’m far less interested in a technically perfect shot than I am in an image which captures how the moment felt. One of the things that bores me to tears when I’m talking with other photographers is when the conversation veers off into Nikon, Canon, focal lengths, shutter speeds and ISOs etc etc etc. Which is why I rarely speak to other photographers. It’s like a carpenter going to a carpenters dinner party (if carpenters have dinner parties) and all they talk about is hammers and chisels and nails. I’m sure one or two actually enjoy it but god it’s boring. On the flip side, I’ll gladly spend a captivating hour in deep and enthralling conversation about why a shot was framed in a particular way, what the photographer felt at the time, why he felt it was significant and what was ‘the moment’ he or she was trying to capture. Everything technical should be a given, you should know it by heart and I could not care less. It’s as boring as English teachers getting together and reciting the alphabet to one another. Talk to me about the creative thought process! Talk to me about what you felt was important. Talk to me about what moved you to use those 26 letters to create beautiful poetry and I’ll be the first to pull up a chair and buy you the next round.

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