Go for it

In my 18 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve found that the best pictures happen when brides & grooms jump into the photography process with both feet. Don’t overthink it. Honestly. Just go with the flow. Assuming you’ve chosen a photographer you click with and trust and who’s work you love, just run with his ideas. Let him take the creative lead on locations, poses, backgrounds, times. When it comes to the bride & groom photo-shoot, the secret to fantastic pictures is to simply chill. And allow yourself to have the best time, come what may. So instead of stressing about times (hopefully you’ve set aside plenty of photography time!), the weather, your dress, the guests and all the million and one things that can freak you out if you over analyse them, focus on letting go of all worry and just have fun! At least for the duration of the photo-shoot! And do you know what? It’ll probably end up being one of the highlights of your wedding day. And it’ll show 🙂

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