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Every time I’ve talked a couple into NOT ditching the groupshots, they’ve always ended up incredibly grateful afterwards. I just don’t think it’s something you should forego lightly. For the sake of half an hour? And it needn’t be a chore either. People have this notion of standing around for hours on end, bored. But every couple I’ve talked into having formal family groupshots ended up absolutely loving the process, saying it was a highlight of their wedding day because everyone got involved. And also because I work super quick! I seriously do not hang around. The family photos are all done and dusted in a 30min slot and if you’re not within earshot, we’re going without you. My priority is very simple – to work at the speed of light in order to keep everyone’s mood upbeat and raring to go. The best pictures happen when people are up for it. And when they buy into the positivity and the energy you’re pumping out there and what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve always said that the feeling you get when you look at a photograph, any photograph, is a reflection of how much of himself or herself the photographer invested in taking it. If it’s a lifeless photograph with boring expressions, then that doesn’t say much for the photographer. If it’s a photograph which exudes genuine emotion, energy and excitement, then the photographer gets the browny points. So the moral of the story is don’t forgo photographing the groupshots at your wedding. Just be sure you choose a photographer who can turn the process into a highlight of your wedding day.

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