Kids are everything

Whether you do it back to front (have the kids first) or the traditional way round (get married first), it doesn’t matter much these days. Not in my book. There are brilliant arguments for and against either way. One fantastic ‘plus point’ of having your kids attend your wedding, particularly if they are still young and full of wonder, is that they will be able to physically see and experience an unforgettable day centred entirely around the celebration of the love which their parents have for each other. They will sense the joy, witness the smiles, the hugs and the happy tears on the faces of gran, grandad, uncles and aunts, friends and strangers wishing mum & dad well. All of this will be etched forever in their young impressionable minds and tiny hearts. Experiences like these at a young age are priceless and they make for a richer, happier and far more secure psychological foundation from which their own personalities will grow.

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