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Why did you choose David Ho as your photographer?

Our wedding venue, Dundas Castle, recommended 4 photographers to us based on previous work and referrals from couples who had gotten married there. My husband and I were instantly drawn to David’s show album. His pictures were beautifully presented in a glass fronted, leather bound album and the pictures were the perfect blend of gorgeously striking, glamorous poses with quiet, intimate moments. We just felt that his work represented what our day means to us – glamourous, romantic, personal and focused on the union of us as a couple and our two amazing families. We wanted to look back at our pictures in 20 years time and feel the memory behind each moment. Posed, family photographs were of course important to us but overall we wanted our pictures to tell the real story of our day as it happened in an non-contrived way. We arranged appointments with all 4 of the ‘recommended photographer’s but after our first meeting with David, we decided to cancel the other appointments – we were already sold on his work but we also fell in love him as a person!

What was he like on the day of the wedding (and afterwards)?

Working with David has been an absolute joy from start to finish. Every email received, conversation had or meeting attended was met with more enthusiasm than the last and he really added to the excitement of planning such a special day. On the day itself it is very easy to get caught up in the emotion of the whole occasion and he was such a calming, reassuring influence to be around. Ours was a rather large, hectic wedding which over-ran from start to finish but he met any issue with a smile and a resolution. Our family and friends have all commented on how lovely and accommodating he was (especially to some of our more eager amateur-photographers) and he generally just slotted in to the day as if he was a family member capturing each moment as it unfolded. After the day itself we were absolutely delighted with his first draft storybook but we wanted to make a few amendments too. David being David, could not have been more patient, understanding and flexible to work with and walked us through each edit so as to retain the essence of what he had created while still giving us what we pictured in our minds.

How do you feel about your finished wedding album?

We are absolutely thrilled with the finished outcome. Viewing our photos is like re-living the day itself all over again! Every page tells a story and every image brings back a memory of what happened before and after. We honestly could not be happier and know that we’ll look back at our day in 20 years and remember exactly how perfect it was.

Do you have any words of advice to someone thinking of booking David Ho as their wedding photographer?

My advice to anyone thinking of booking David Ho is two-fold (1) simply look at his work (2) meet him in person. Doing both will cement your decision

Michelle & Derek Darling

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