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This particular bride & groom portrait was taken on George Street, outside The Dome. I love it! It was just after the ceremony and my thought process went something like this…ok first off, how much time do I have to work with? 30 minutes with the bride & groom before dinner. So basically 5 minutes to bag this one and move on! Need this shot of the pillars. OK, how are the couple feeling? Plenty of patience and enthusiasm in the tank? Happy, raring to go? Up for some fun posing in public? Have a chat. Tick those boxes. Let’s do it. Plenty of drama in them Dome pillars. Especially if you use a wide angle 17-35mm and keep yourself low. Just be careful you don’t get too much lens distortion on the couple – keep them central. And lean the couple forward to compensate for tilt. Keep the banter going! The groom is super nice and the bride is incredibly expressive and beautifully smiley. So let’s make this shot all about the pillars and the bride’s expression. Lighting’s fine cos it’s reflected sunlight from across the street. No fill in flash required. Thank god. But get the white balance right – cloudy/shade should be close enough. Ok let’s get them into a waltz position and see what happens. Keep the banter going! Don’t stop talking. Squeeze them together tighter. Proper tight, always gets a laugh! Take a couple of quick test shots to confirm exposure and composition. OK, let’s go for the money shot, ask the bride to turn her cheek and offer her ear to get nibbled. Fan the flames of that laughter. Now ask the groom to nibble on her ear and to slowly work his way round. Keep fanning those flames. Click, click click, click, click. And breathe. Check your previews. DONE! OK, camera into the bag and onto the next location. Where that is, I have no idea. But I know I have 25minutes and all of George Street to work with. And I’m good enough to make it up as I go, give the bride & groom a photo-shoot to remember and bag the money shots that’ll thrill them. So what the hell are we waiting for, let’s go!

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