How to get good

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I’ve always said that the best training any photographer can get is not college diplomas, online courses or watching Youtube videos. It’s to go out and actually do it. Over and over. Make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them. Doing it is the fastest and most thorough way to get good at your craft. And once you’ve reached a certain level of competence, then the next level up is to get as many paid gigs under your belt as possible. Easier said than done but to be able to produce the goods for a paying client is a whole new ball game! And I would say that weddings are the perfect kind of paid gig, once you feel you’re ready. It’s the ideal pressure cooker environment to hone your technical skills and exercise creative muscles you never knew you had, over a relentless ten hour day. The intense time pressures at every stage of the day, the constant need for diplomacy when dealing with fragile personalities whilst juggling lighting conditions changing by the second, you simply cannot fall short. And, of course, this is against the backdrop of ‘everyone’s counting on you to get it right first time’. If you can repeatedly produce breathtaking, varied and saleable photography under that kind of crazy pressure, you can be rightly proud of your craft. Respect.

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