Time out

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At some point during a wedding, I normally ask for 30 minutes alone with the bride & groom. Just 30 minutes? One reason is that I work super quick. Like I practically run from one location to another. I know what I want and I don’t hang around! Secondly, I’m acutely aware that I want to reunite the bride & groom back with their family & friends as soon as possible. These days I ask for 60 minutes. This is on top of any formal family groups. And actually, thinking about it, that’s not a bad trade off between time invested and future benefits in the form of everlasting bride & groom pictures from your wedding day. So an hour’s Time-Out away from your wedding guests, in the hands of a talented photographer, in exchange for a lifetime of happy, beautiful memories – that seems a good deal to me. What’s an hour? Now I get that still might be too much for some couples. And that’s cool, provided you genuinely don’t want to be separated from the wedding party for that long. But it’d be real a damn shame if you cut short photography time and sacrifice those wedding pictures because you felt some of your guests might be put out at having to wait a little longer before they were fed. Whose wedding day is it anyway? Why are you living out your wedding day by their rules? I know if I were a guest, there would be no issue from me whatsoever at how long the bride & groom spent doing anything! Their wedding day is entirely for them. And my ‘role’ is to simply to be there to offer them my love and support. To be frank, any wedding guest who ever complains that they’re bored and that the photographer is taking too long with the bride & groom, well, they shouldn’t have been invited in the first place. So my advice is take the time out with your willing photographer. It’s only an hour in exchange for pictures you’ll be forever grateful for. That just seems a good deal to me.

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