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If you EVER see me do the peekaboo-around-the-tree shot with the bride & groom, you have permission to shoot me. At least twice. Just to make sure. Omg, I can’t even think it. But speaking of trees, I just had to make use of this particular one. It’s a magnificent specimen. It’s ancient (elm or ewe, I’m not sure) and it’s on the grounds of one of my favourite wedding castles, Dalhousie Castle in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. Looking at it, it’s surely been through the wars, even struck by lightening on a number of occasions, but I can tell you but it’s still going strong. There’s something admirable about that 🙂 I swear, the next time I’m at Dalhousie Castle for a wedding, I’m climbing it. With or without the bride & groom.

Probably with TBH…

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