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I used to spend all my time visualising how I would photograph a person or a couple in any given location. No matter where I was. I could be on holiday, going down the shops, wherever. It could be a library, an office block, a bus station a travel lodge, a crowded high street in the rain, a noisy kitchen in a cafe. Anywhere and everywhere I was, I would always be looking for the best light and spotting potential backdrops and assessing all the different possibilities for a cracking portrait. I would imagine myself in impossible scenarios where I had no choice but to photograph a bride & groom in this location from hell AND come out with a series of killer portraits worthy of their investment in me. In 5 minutes flat and zero time to think let alone to plan. I absolutely believe that as a pro, you don’t have any excuse. You play the cards you’re dealt and often you don’t know what cards those are until the last minute. And complaining about a crappy location is about as lame as it gets. So I spent literally years constantly visualising photographic potential no matter where I was. I must have been a bundle of laughs to have coffee with, mumbling to myself, taking mental notes about ISO, f-stops, white balance and focal lengths. But it’s all second nature to me now. Throw me in any situation, any location with a paying client with high expectations, and my heart rate doesn’t go above 70. I know I can and will deliver. It’s what pros do.

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