What if it rains?

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You could argue that the title to this blogpost is missing a word. Right at the very start of the sentence. And that word is ‘So’. Because one of the keys to a joyous, uplifting, memorable day is to not give two hoots what the weather might do. I’ve lost count of the number of times that an overcast morning and a spot of drizzle has left an overly anxious bride in tears, and that’s before the dress is even on. We live in Scotland. And the chance of rain in June, July or August is definitely not zero. And I can say hand on heart, the best weddings I’ve photographed, the ones where everybody lets their hair down and just goes for it, the bride and groom could not care less if it was blizzarding cats & dogs or if the heavens opened and they needed canoes to get them to the church. Sure we all want sunshine and blue skies. But if that doesn’t happen, the weather should not impinge on the best day of your life one iota. Don’t let it. Look up at the heavens and declare “Do your worst. Today is my day. I’m surrounded by the people I love most in the world and I’m going to have the best time regardless”. Honestly, so what if it rains?

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